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Fortune 500 magazine says that the water business is the fastest growing industry in North America. If you walk into your local grocery store, you will see entire isles devoted to bottled water: Flavored, sparkling, spring, glacier, distilled etc.

People are becoming more and more aware that all the chemicals and contaminates used and produced in modern society eventually end up in our water supply and existing municipal treatment facilities are unable to remove more than a fraction of them. In fact, current technology used to “purify” water at the municipal level adds as many chemicals to the water as they, take out. We now know without a doubt that chlorine contributes to various cancers. Fluoride is being associated with Osteoporosis: aluminum (alum) with Alzheimer Disease.

It is becoming very apparent that although the water “generally” meets Canada Health and Welfare guidelines for drinking water quality, these guidelines are far too liberal and only refers to amounts of individual chemicals. Furthermore, these are only guidelines, not laws and as such, they are not legally enforceable. We do know that the combined effect of many chemicals in small amounts is often worse than a larger amount of any individual contaminant.

Although most have not taken action as to cleaning up their water, people are generally aware that a problem exists and are curious as to what they can do about it. We are at the crest of a wave, which is sweeping the continent. People are going to clean up their water and we are in the perfect position to serve their needs.


Home Water Systems has been and is now a leader in the explosive water industry. We are one of the largest retail distributors of water conditioning equipment in North America. It is our intention to continue to be innovative –THEleader in our industry. Our basic operating concept is“CREATE “NOT ‘ACCEPT’. In order to grow at the pace we wish, we foresee a need to bring on aggressive, ambitious people.

Home Water Systems doesn’t believe in luck, fate, sweeping under the rug or excuses. We believe in honesty, work ethic, control of destiny and service above self. Attitude is everything and that is paramount.ATTITUDE, NOT APITITUDE DETERMINES OUR ALTITUDE.”

Your opportunity with Home Water Systems is virtually unlimited. You are able to build your own business within a structure of support that provides many of the services necessary for a small business to succeed. HWS provides a recognizable corporate identity, a source of leads, which is affordable, service and warranty support, training and moral support. Please contact us for more details.

Our equipment is the finest of equipment on the market and we have the opportunity if we wish to go anywhere in North America and be in business.

Home Water Systems is always expanding its area of operations and needs ambitious, responsible people to form a core around which to build a sales force for Western Canada, initially and onwards from there. Although the opportunity is exceptional, it be noted that this is perhaps the toughest product to sell in the toughest sales game there is – Direct Sales – the rewards are great but cannot be achieved without hard work and discipline. Once you have learned the business, however, the world is your oyster. At Home Water Systems the wheel has been invented. Grab hold if you want an exciting ride.

Have at it!

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 Posted on : July 8, 2014 - Last updated on Jul 8, 2014


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