Why Choose Distillation

There are many ways to improve the quality of the water you drink, distillation stands out as the preferred method. Here’s why.

Water, the universal solvent, absorbs a little of everything it comes in contact with. Oil spills, Industrial pollution, Herbicides, Pesticides and many other pollutants , have had a hand in contaminating the clean clear water we need to maintain good health. Nature’s own Hydrological Cycle…Ground water is heated by the sun, evaporates into the atmosphere forming clouds and leaving behind contaminants. Eventually the vapor condenses and returns to the earth as purified rain or snow. The problem is that as soon as the water hits the ground it begins to get contaminated all over again.

A distiller uses a heater to boil the water and produce water vapor. The vapor rises, leaving the contaminants behind. The purified vapor enters a condenser where it is converted back to its liquid state…purified water. The important difference is that in a distiller the purified water is collected in a storage tank so it’s ready for cooking or drinking. Just boiling water does not remove unknowns, but rather concentrates them. When you boiling water the best part leaves as steam.

Reverse Osmosis water treatment cleans the water by straining contaminants through a membrane and filtering system. It allows water molecules to pass while dissolved impurities such as tiny particles of suspended dirt and sediment are flushed to the drain. A convenient and economical way to produce clean and healthy drinking water.

So what exactly is in your water?Find out here.

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 Posted on : July 6, 2014 - Last updated on Jul 6, 2014

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