5 Fundamental Values

  • Honesty is Everything
  • Customer Focus
  • Responsibility
  • Performance
  • Team Work

Home Water Systems addresses the complex needs of our clients, we offer specific solutions to ensure that our customers have access at their for pure water.

Home Water Systems has been and is now a leader in the explosive water industry. We are one of the largest retail distributors of water conditioning equipment in North America. It is our intention to continue to be innovative – THE leader in our industry. Our basic operating concept is “CREATE “NOT ‘ACCEPT’.

Home Water Systems is sustainable ALL deals are done on a handshake and offering a FREE 30 trial and FREE installation.

For over 30 years,Home Water Systems mission has been to deliver high-quality water treatment products that will benefit every part of our customers’ lives. We hope to raisethe quality of life by purifying its most essential element: water, simply put; we are into health and quality of life. We will take care of your water for your home!
The Home Water Systems Advantage

  • History:Founded in 1984, Home Water Systems has been a recognized leader in water treatment forover 30 years.
  • Local water experts:One of the largest Home Water Systems Dealer in North America who knows the water conditions in our communities and the best solutions for our customers.
  • Local water experts:Home Water Systems lives and works in our community, and knows the needs of you and your neighbors.
  • Satisfaction:Home Water Systems 100% Satisfaction Guarantee*ensures that we will address your water problems. TRY before you BUY – NO RISKS! Business is done on a hand shake….. Since people have different amounts of money at different times of the year we do business on a handshake with the customer making monthly investments atNO INTEREST!
  • Quality Standards:Home Water Systems goes above and beyond to make our products safe and healthy for our customers, with service being everything.
  • Education:Ask the industry leader in water treatment services. Home Water Systems is dedicated to keeping our customers educated and informed. We have simply have been around a long time on the thought process thatHONESTY IS EVERTYTHING.

Ari Hoeksema appears as a regular guest on 630 Ched’sAsk the Expertsprogram. Check the schedule and listen in for more about your water.

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 Posted on : July 6, 2014 - Last updated on Jul 7, 2014

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