1. DRINKING (it’s healthy and delicious)
  2. COFFEE (you’ll use less)
  3. TEA, COCOA (incomparable)
  4. ICE CUBES (taste the improvement
  5. LOW SODIUM DIETS (essential)
  6. STEAM IRONS (last longer)
  7. HUMIDIFIERS (healthier)
  8. FRUIT JUICES (like freshly squeezed)
  9. HOUSE PLANTS (they’ll thrive now)
  10. AQUARIUMS (clean and clear)
  11. WET-CELL BATTERIES (pure power)
  12. PHOTOGRAPY (perfect development)
  13. BABY FORMULAS (pure contentment)
  14. FEMININE HYGIENE (sanitary)
  15. COMPLEXION CARE (feel the difference)
  16. PET CARE (they’ll love you)
  17. SPROUTING (grow like crazy)
  18. FASTING (great for cleansing)

And many other uses you will discover

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 Posted on : July 6, 2014 - Last updated on Jul 11, 2014

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